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We recruit students or participants from all over the world who are interested in learning Bahasa Indonesia, culture and various aspects of life in the country by having indoor and outdoor sessions including visiting places of interest in culturally rich cities. Let's join our course where you will gain Bahasa Indonesia and enjoy our wonderful country.


24 September 2015


Credible is an institution which provides a Non-formal and Informal Education which established since 2006 and has enhanced its own programmed such as life/life skills. The Institution is registered with Board of Education (Dinas Pendidikan) and Manpower Office. Registered Indonesia Ministary of Education .number: NILEK 3221.
With professional experts from the related industry. The Programmed is run and targeted to achieve significant result and effectively help the students to prepared well for the competitive world and maintain our position as one of the market leaders in the field of private education.
We are constantly challenging ourselves to be even better, not only in terms of physical size, but more so in the quality of our services. And this is the Credible Guarantee!
We invite you to take up the credible challenge by joining us today and to be a part of our success story where everyone matters. We aim to be an institution which provides quality education yet affordable, where you’re dreams, your hopes, ambitions and aspirations will come true.
Supporting career and personal development as well as mobility, the Institute’s educational programmes and qualifying examinations provide recognized qualifications for commercial management and business development staff working in the following key industry sectors.

Learning at CREDIBLE provides students with comprehensive learning and with conducive learning facilities, it makes students wish to stay and learn more effectively with unique way. Come and feel the difference yourself!!!



Quality Assurance
All study programmed are run by the expertise with prior
experience in their field of areas in teaching. Assurance is
given to those who sign up with our Programmed. So, what are
you waiting for..!


We accept students from all over the word to study and live in Indonesia. We Provided short course ( 3 months regular class ) and 1 year Program. We are not only teach Bahasa Indonesia but also culture and visiting some regions in Indonesia.For more Inquire you can download our brochure ( open in courses,click brosur and find the Bahasa Course brochure ). Beside study we also provide housing or dormitory to stay. Housing or dormitory located near the school.


MARCH 2016 25 SEPTEMBER 2015 - 30 JANUARY 2016
JUNE 2016 1 FEBRUARY 2016 - 30 MAY 2016
OCTOBER 2016 1 JUNE 2016 - 30 SEPTEMBER 2016
JANUARY 2017 1 OCTOBER 2016 - 30 DECEMBER 2017










foodcourt  masjid

Our School Location in Panbil Commercial Area. There are Panbil Shopping Mall, Bank,department store, supermarket, swimmingpool,mosque,24-hour medical center is located within Panbil Commercial Area, and within walking distance to the industrial estate.

Panbil Food-Court, occupies the second floor of Panbil Mall, serving a variety of local and international cuisines.



 Commercial Centre

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